What is the fastest thing in the world?

Many people will probably have different answers to this question. However, human imagination is actually the fastest. Imagination is a unique ability that transcends time and place and can instantly transport us to the future, the past, and the boundless universe.

Especially for entrepreneurs in the AI ​​field, this imagination is as important as possible. Creating new technologies and innovative business models involves allocating the power to think creatively about the future and not conform to the status quo. Because we don't know, we end up offering solutions that go beyond the challenges we decide on.

Furthermore, imagination is unique to humans, and the key to success in utilizing AI technology is how to make use of this unique human quality. AI performs processing based on data and algorithms, but behind it is always human imagination. Our imagination takes shape through AI technology and creates new value for society.

Many of the great achievements that humanity has achieved thus far began with imagination. Our imagination will continue to be the key to opening up the future. As an entrepreneur, believing in the limitless potential of your imagination and thinking boldly and creatively is the first step to your next innovation.


The sooner the better.

2023-11 JUN